Solved: jQuery issue Adding a new array element to a JSON object

Issue: Some time we had some data in the JSON list, we wanted to add a new element list inside that JSON list, so using this article we can easy to learn how to do it or you can also implement your side.

var alreadyData=[{"id":"99","nameEn":"Product Name1","price":"767","image":"1462012597217.jpeg"},{"id":"93","nameEn":"Product Name2","price":"76","image":"1461449637106.jpeg"},{"id":"94","nameEn":"Product Name3","price":"87","image":"1461449679506.jpeg"}];

var fields = []; //new array
var json = JSON.parse(alreadyData); //just parse in one variable
var json = JSON.parse(tableColumns);
for (var i = 0; i < json.length; i++) {
    fields.push(json[i]);//push data in fields
fields.push({ 'id':33, 'nameEn': 'Singh', 'price': '222','image': '1462012597217.jpeg' }); // its new data

For more info follow this link also.

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